Kerispatih - Demi cinta

Kerispatih - Demi Cinta

Maaf ku telah menyakitimu
Ku telah kecewakanmu
Bahkan ku sia-siakan hidupku
Dan ku bawa kau seperti diriku
Walau hati ini terus menangis
Menahan kesakitan ini
Tapi kulakukan semua demi cinta

Akhirnya juga harus ku relakan
Kehilangan cinta sejatiku
Segalanya tlah kuberikan
Juga semua kekuranganku
Jika memang ini yang terbaik
Untuk diriku dan dirinya
Kan ku terima semua demi cinta

Jujur aku tak kuasa
Saat terakhir ku genggam tanganmu
Namun yang pasti terjadi
Kita mungkin tak bersama lagi
Bila nanti esok hari
Kutemukan dirimu bahagia
Ijinkan aku titipkan kisah cinta kita selamanya...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Open House

On the Saturday .. Me and my friend.. Mirul, Eqmal, Atok and Izuan goes to Fasya house.. long time I don’t see her.. She’s still like before.. funny, smile and always laugh.. so cheer.. hahak! After we all eat, she show the card Raya that I gave to her.. The card Raya that I make by my own.. Keep it in a good condition alright.. Fasya..!! hehe.. than we all conferences and Eqmal play the piano in the house.. Atok back to early from Fasya’s house.. An emergency… he gonna meet him GF at the airport.. Huhu..! Than we all goes to Mery house.. I meet Firdaus, Nik, Hafiz and Pipis.. Were eat² until our stomach has been full.. So delicious.. Huhu.. Then we all back home.. The Next day I came to Fadhil house and meet him before I back to Unicop… I have to back to my studies… Book, test, Quiz… Waa…!! Huhu.. 

The Day Has Come… HARI RAYAAA..!!!

This year was the first year that I celebrated 1st Hari Raya at Shah Alam.. I can see there still many people Raya it here.. Maybe 50%, 30% Raya at hometown and the other 20% don’t celebrated Raya.. Hehe.. im goes mosque with my father and cousin to pray Solat Hari Raya on that morning then I were go to my auntie house to eat there.. My grandmother on my father side was here.. Were say forgive to each other for our mistake.. That evening, I back to my mother hometown at Tanjung Malim.. there was happening because all my cousin back too.. from the small baby one to the big one like me.. Ahakz! My uncle brought something special here.. usually many people play crackers.. Waa..!! that so dangerous..! huhu.. but this Raya, were all play “Tanglung”.. it so beautiful because it was colorful.. were all walk around the village with that “Tanglung”.. hee…
  The next day we all go to the grave to visited my grandfather and uncles grave.. we gave them Al-Fatihah and Yasin and clean the grave.. After that were go visited my uncle house and I also visited my old friend when I was small there too.. Then I back Shah Alam on that Wednesday with my father because my father has to work that day.. My mother still at the hometown.. So boring Im Back to early.. but its ok… More my friend house I want to visited at Shah Alam.. Im miss all my friend.. Amirul, Eqmal, Atok, Izuan, Farah Syafiqah, Firdaus, Miyo, Fadhil, Farah Aqilah, Rosyam, Hazu, Husna and many2 more.. Hey..!! Lets make a Reunion back when semi holiday.. play Ice Skating and watch movie!!! Go3..! Huhu..

Making a Kad Raya

Kad Raya.. That was the task that Miss Alia gave to us.. actually it should done in the class.. but Im the kind that like to make it creative and nice.. so “cerewet”.. Hahahak! so I make it at hostel.. after I study until 11 pm, I started to continue doing my Kad Raya.. I make it full with attention and in a happy mood because the card look so cute and funny.. it seems like girl doing the card.. ahak! But I enjoy it.. im doing my work until the clock show at 4 am.. Waa!! actually I have test mat 084 that morning at 8 am.. im not study yet..!! Arrhh!! Im finish the Kad Raya quickly and want to go to sleep.. lastly im done it!! The Kad Raya looked so cool.. then I sleep.. ZzzZz… Luckily I can answered the test mat 084.. fuhh.. the next day I pass up the Kad Raya to Miss Alia and then I got it back then I think I want to send it to someone that was special for me.. and we two still friend until now.. Yea.. :D .. hmm.. Who’s the person will get the card do you think? Hee..

Beginning Of My New Journey

That was all my first time I have to lived on my own.. Im far from my family.. I lived in hostel.. No more school.. My best friend.. And Im start with a new life.. Im continue my studies in Unicop KL on 29 June 2009.. First day I came there, I feel stringed and don’t know what to do.. Im going to studies in this place? I see new friends, new peoples and new placed.. I just try my best to suitable with a new situation.. But after day by day.. It was nothing to afraid of.. just make it simple and happy with it.. Huhu.. Now Im enjoy with a new friends and all this.. Compared me in school.. so different.. lazy to do homework.. out overnight.. always cyber cafĂ© crazy thing at class.. “Fly”.. make a noise.. go to here.. go to there..… hmm.. But now.. I just study² and study without thinking nonsense.. Ahak!! Im glad I was here… Yeah...